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Although every aspect of a person is inexorably tied to all the other little quirks that make one who he/she is, I’d like to take a moment to address a certain, what-may-appear-to-not-be-entirely-relevant part of myself. A part I have intentionally stated, but notice, not given any special attention. Until now. 

I am an atheist. 

One of my many gifts to my readers is that I’ll divulge relatively little about myself personally, giving them the freedom to see their own interpretations and make my stories truly their own. As much as possible, I try not to limit the myriad possible meanings of any metaphor I may spout. This issue, however, this little characteristic of myself, is something I’m willing to let out of the caja de Pandora, as it were. 

This site, and all others of mine, are devoted toward my work, the stories, not to me. Sure, the words are mine, but they are merely a matter of me trying to funnel the great whirlwind of “us” (meaning humanity) and “this” (meaning the universe) through a Jonas-colored lens, hopefully making something beautiful and clear that perhaps has always been there, but was never fully realized before. 

My stories deal with the super-natural, the magical. There are gods and demons and failed universes and sacred archways and mythic mountains and so on. And it’d be easy to say that I was making an appeal to a real higher power, that the over-arching concepts or bashful subtext was an endorsement for believing in real-world magic. It isn’t. 

Perhaps I’m just a lazy writer; maybe it’s just my style, but I find that the freedom the supernatural gives me allows for a more potent metaphor. What better concept than an “aura” to explain the powerful presence of a rare person? What better idea than a “soul” to convey the seat of passion in someone moved by a moment? 

We know what these words really mean, and we can remove the super-natural connotations to them and still unflinchingly use them in precisely the same manner as we have been for years. So please, read deep, read far, read into yourself, but don’t read yourself into me, if you get me. 

Although I’m happy to discuss my views on the matter with anyone who comes a’ callin’, allow me this caveat: You will lose. It’s not cockiness or malice or even gloating, it’s just that there are a few topics in this world where I’ve put a lot of time, energy, and brain power into defining what I think about them. Writing is one; god is another. 

This, of course, doesn’t mean that I’m never wrong about either of these (as my spelling and punctuation occasionally gives away) but it does mean that I’ve probably heard your argument before. Nevertheless, if you insist upon making your disagreement known, feel free to do so. If yours is a version of an old argument that has already been deconstructed (and believe me, it probably is) I’ll gladly inform you of the name that argument has been given and provide you with link(s) to videos where you can see for yourself. If it’s something genuinely new and exciting and interesting and possibly a game-changer in the cosmic battle between rationality and superstition, I’ll be happy to respond myself. 

So, now that’s out and clear, the focus is once again (and hopefully will forever hereafter be) the work. Introspection, booze, rejection, and eventually . . . publication. 

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3 Responses to “On Atheism”

  1. Marg Says:

    I find your protestations of atheism interesting. ARe you trying to get a conversation started, as your challenge implied? That could denote a curiousity into the divine nature of God that you choose to not acknowledge consciously, but recognize subconsciously. Just pondering…and praying…because I do believe in God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and Jesus Christ the Son…etc, you get my opinion. But there are no words to convince you to have a different opinion. God is all about belief and gifts of/to the heart. Logic doesn’t enter in, there is no eequation that can prove His existence and love. It is a belief system, and each must find their own. I commend you for your search. The cynicism makes for such intersting and thoughtful reading. Keep writing…

  2. William O'Reilly Says:

    Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that.

  3. Jonas Samuelle Says:

    Oh, it wasn’t meant as a challenge. More of a “let’s get this out of the way” kind of deal.
    However, the idea that someone is open to discussion should never be taken as a weakness in their position. Quite the opposite, actually. To imply as much is a bit of argumentative chicanery that I find troubling, to say the least.
    But you are correct in that logic “doesn’t enter in.” The methods we use to further our understanding of the universe and hold ourselves accountable to each other are barred from the realm of religion. For further illustration, I ask that you watch the clip in link #3 posted above, as it addresses precisely this point. (Forgive the picture they have on the video feed; it’s a bit insulting and I didn’t choose it.)
    A more complete discussion of the point is here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G5QfdcSdjk&feature=related

    I wish you luck in your search as well, and I assure you, the writing will press on.

    Inded, you’ve got me. 😉
    Relevant part starts at about 2:30, but I know you were kidding.

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