Stepping into the Void

The first book, “Ghosts of a Tired Universe,” went online today. 
Any amount of thanks and name-dropping I might do for all those who helped along the way would seem inadequate. As solitary and alienated as writers are, no book is created without a network of conspirators willing to spend their time and energy on someone else’s passion.

With this book, I wade out into the deeper waters I’ve been dreaming about since I discovered the audacity to hope. Whatever happens from here, I’m grateful for the hard roads and long hallways that taught victory through perseverance, and enlightement through mistake.

I invite you now to walk with me, dear readers, and together we’ll see just how far we can go.

The book is available through, and can be read on almost any e-reader in the world. PDF format is there too, for those who don’t have an e-reader. Thanks again, and dare to do the improbable.


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3 Responses to “Stepping into the Void”

  1. BarryDashwood Says:

    Hi Jonas.

    Only just started your book,broke off in chapter 2 to write and tell you you’ve grabbed me. Love your style. I’ll be back!

    Regards and best wishes, Barry.

  2. BarryDashwood Says:

    P.S. Your captcha is very difficult to read. Any reason?

  3. Jonas Samuelle Says:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    The captcha is a wordpress issue that my techno-goblin is working on. I expect the entire site to be overhauled this summer. Your indulgence until then is appreciated.

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