Old Dogs-Kickstarter

Don’t mind me. I’m waiting for lightening to come. Waiting for just the right energy, for wet, clean soil, pornographic fields of grapes.
And all the while I hear a scratching. I’m aware of this constant, clumsy-pawed whining that shakes my head like a screen-door.

I don’t speak often enough of other artists, particularly fellow low-income bandits making off with what lime-light they can. Luckily, there’s a site that lets you learn about and contribute to someone’s artistic dream.

Kickstarter allows you to browse through potential projects and donate to those that resonate with you. It’s a beautiful program, one of those that actually manages to slightly curb my ill-wishes for the race.

Have a look through, give a dollar if you’re inspired. What the Hell, give $5.
It’ll contribute more to the universe than the latte it was destined for, let’s be honest. The less creative projects rely on coporate funding, the less plastic, soul-rending corporate art we’ll all have to endure.





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