Constellation Nostalgia

This is another contribution I made to HitRecord. This was for their “Patterns” collaboration. The specific topic was how patterns relate to the concept of nostalgia.



Nostalgia is built into us, as it’s built into the universe. The night sky is a photograph of lights that have been dead for eons. Stars that long-ago exploded and scattered their hearts among the cosmos never knew that one day we’d mine the gold they left. They couldn’t have guessed that we’d pull the metal from the Earth and twist it into wedding rings, war-medals, tooth-fillings, coffee spoons.

When we hold a lover’s ring and remember their smile, the universe feels it too, and remembers the star. When we look at a photograph and laugh at a moment , the universe looks too, and remembers the tree.

And if we could look forward, if the sky inverted itself and the future flung itself over the night, we’d see the photograph decay into soil and fold back into a tree. If we looked farther we’d see the gold dissipate and drift, the planet around it fall away, and the dust floating back toward a star.

And if we split the skies in two, one future, one past, and looked out  across both of them, letting our eyes hurtle the distances to the very edge of both, we’d see darkness mirroring itself. We’d see a tree of starlight that grows sideways like the horizon, reclining in an ink river that begins and ends in silence.




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